To advance the economic growth of survivors of intimate partner violence and women in business.

Working to improve the financial well-being and prosperity of women who have experienced domestic violence from their partners. The goal is to help them achieve greater economic stability and success.

About Us

Our organization is growing and evolving, expanding its services and impact within the community.

The organization has developed innovative programs, such as

The MAIN Thing: Making An Impact Now,

which focuses on workforce development, entrepreneurship, and technical assistance support for women survivors.

Through strategic partnerships and community collaborations, Bettini Community Charities is extending its reach and effectiveness, positively impacting the lives of survivors and their families.

With a dedicated team and a strong network of supporters,

Bettini Community Charities is primed to be a beacon of hope and empowerment for survivors of interpersonal violence, striving to create a safer, healthier, and more resilient community for all.

Brittany Bettini

An award-winning entrepreneur, writer, and philanthropist.

The Founder

Bettini Community Charities was founded in 2023 by Brittany Bettini with a vision to create positive change within the community of Hendersonville, NC.

Brittany, a survivor of intimate partner violence and an award-winning entrepreneur, recognized the urgent need for comprehensive services to address the financial burdens survivors of interpersonal violence face and empower survivors to rebuild their lives.

Inspired by her journey and driven by a passion for giving back, she established the organization with a mission to break the cycle of violence and promote the economic independence of women survivors.

Healing Hearts, Igniting Enterprises:

A Path to Empowerment

Pair survivors and aspiring women entrepreneurs with experienced mentors who can offer guidance, share insights, and provide networking opportunities.

Organize workshops to provide survivors and women in business with essential financial skills, including budgeting, saving, and investing.

Breaking Chains, Building Futures:

Supporting Survivors and Entrepreneurs

125 S. Main Street, Hendersonville NC.

125 S Main St, Hendersonville, NC 28792, USA

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